James Pala

Europe’s No. 1 Fine Wine Investment Analyst!

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"Fine Wine investment is a great investment vehicle but not many are aware of this great opportunity. Fine Wine is a stable asset and generally increases steadily over a 2 to 3 year period. Fine Wine is relatively low risk, a medium to long term plan and a more liquid investment which offers our clients great benefits and diversity which in turn reduces risk."

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"Our customer services department I like to pride on, as being the best team in the industry and I would like to hear your comments if you are in anyway unhappy with our service."


I studied with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust to ensure that I not only have the experience in buying fine wines but also have the knowledge in how and why a good grape is grown and chosen to make an exceptional wine with a great bouquet.


My values are embedded on success by building a strong foundation in a company and looking after you, the client first. In turn, revenue is generated if our clients are happy.


I worked for a European firm as a Fine Wine Broker and I have enjoyed this business immensely. It is a fun business and at the same time substantial returns can be made from Fine Wine Investment.

My Values


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